Compass Flower Press Announces

Uncertain Promise


AKA-Publishing & Compass Flower Press: Custom Independent Book Publishing in Columbia, Missouri

Von Pittman, Marlene Lee, Dave Collins, Yolanda Ciolli


Prizes: First Place – $1,000 • Second Place – $500 • Third Place – $200

Winners Announced!

Thanks to all who submitted entries for our first anthology, Uncertain Promise. All stories were judged anonymously by our two panels of judges. We received many submissions and found choosing winners and stories for inclusion quite challenging.

Congratulations to our prize winners:

• First Place: “Body Language” David G. Collins, Fulton, MO
• Second Place: “Our Ventana” Mary Pacifico Curtis, San Jose, CA
• Third Place (Tie): “Ballerina” Sally Whitney, Millersville, MD and
“The Broom” Marlene Lee, Columbia, MO

Publication date: Uncertain Promise went to press October 7th 2014!

Columbia Public Library Uncertain Promise Anthology Author Panel discussion


Author Panel Discussion at the Columbia Public Library Saturday Dec. 13 from 1-3 PM

Meet many of our authors, including two prizewinners, Saturday December 13, 2014 as Yolanda Ciolli, publisher and Von Pittman, editor lead a panel discussion on the challenges of the anthology process, then try to get into the creative minds behind the stories selected for publication.

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A little more information about our Editor, Von Pittman:

Mr. Pittman is a writer, editor, and reviewer, and has been on the faculty of Washington University, the University of Iowa, and the University of Missouri until his retirement in 2011. He is on the editorial board of American Education History Journal, Vitae Scholasticae, and The Journal of Continuing Higher Education. He is a long time member of the Columbia Amherst Writers and Artists Workshop.

His short stories and creative nonfiction have appeared in numerous publications including The First Line, Cantos, and Crime and Suspense. His fiction has been included in anthologies Deep Waters (2012), Storm Country (2011), Diamonds in the Rough (2007) and Well Versed (2014).

Mr. Pittman did a superb job overseeing the editorial staff reading submissions for the anthology Uncertain Promise and personally reviewed all submissions short-listed for publication.

Here at Compass Flower Press, we view this as a tremendous task that has culminated in a great success! Thank you, Von!